Stick a Tape for Craft Metal


With Stick A Tape heavy duty double-sided adhesives for metal and craft projects you can adhere your craft metal or pewter to most surfaces, by following these basic steps:

Machine embossing; Stick the tape (sticky side) onto the silver side of the coloured craft metal/pewter – machine emboss (A-plate, Texture Plate, Rubber/Spacer, B-Plate) – peel the white strip from the back of the tape – and stick.

Hand embossing: Emboss your craft metal using the normal embossing method – if you using the deep embossing method you can fill your design with beeswax or filler and afterwards stick your tape on the back of your design.

This tape is so versatile and easy to use. Stick A Tape is an industrial strength tape and can stick to almost any surface. If you prefer using glue to stick your metal you can use “no more nails” or any crafters glue.

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Size: 10m x 8cm
Quantity: 1 Roll


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