Craft Metal Techniques

Below are some techniques that you can use on our craft metals and texture plates.  Please use Gallery for more embossing craft metal ideas.

Hand Embossing on Texture Plates
Machine Embossing on Texture Plate using A-Plate/Craft Metal/Rubber/Spacer/B-Plate
Machine Embossing with folders using A-plate/B-plate/Folder/B-plate

A roller pin can also be use with embossing folder to make impressions in metal 

Pasta Machines and embossing folders can also be use to make impressions in metal

Sand embossed metal image using sanding block

Distressing craft metal is optional.  It is also beautiful when just embossed and sanded

Craft metal can be distressed using acrylic paint.  This switch plate was covered using brown craft metal,  embossed sanded and distressed using diluted black acrylic  paint applied with a sponge

Purple craft metal distressed using  blue and gold patinas

Metallic silver craft metal distressed using acrylic black paint and sanded

Silver craft metal distressed using alcohol inks

Box wrapped in silver embossed metal distressed using diluted glass stain

Basic machine embossing on craft metal using an embossing folder, distressed using an sanding block

Double Embossing using a laser cut image.  Machine embossing using folder or texture plate.  Add laser cut on silver side of metal deboss using rubber/spacer

Machine embossing without sanding the craft metal

Die cutting on craft metal.  Metal shapes can be embossed using embossing folders of texture plates 

Craft metal can be cut using a scizzor or guilotines

Craft metal can be adhered using double sided tape or glue