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Mad about Metal Craft Book

A comprehesive guide to embossing techniques on colored craft metal and texture plates.  This book will teach you all you need to know about making beautiful coloured craft metal projects

Creative Craft Metal 10 x 15cm

Pre-cut pieces easy to emboss, and use in embossing folders, texture plates. Hand or machine embossing

4 pieces in pack


Creative Craft Metal 20 x 30cm

A4 pre-cut pieces for bigger craft metal projects. Hand or machine embossing

2 A4 pieces in pack

Creative Craft Metal Rolls

Craft Metal Rolls for bigger projects.  Hand or machine embossing

1m x 43cm

Rubber and Spacer Set.

Make perfect machine embossed images. The rubber and spacer are used when doing embossing on texture plates, laser cut-outs and anything with texture.  Adjust sandwich when doing embossing by adding or removing spacers.

Rubber and spacers can be cut to fit in any embossing machine


Embossing Tools

These tools is used for hand embossing and doing detail designs on craft metal

3 in packet

Double sided tape for Metal and Pewter

Industrial strength tape for metal, pewter and all craft products.  No more sticky glue!  Rolls can be cut according to specifications

8cm x 10m

Metal Refining Blocks

Use these blocks to burnish embossed image on coloured metal

Spacer Packs

Extra spacers for machine embossing to add to sandwich to make perfect embossing possible.  Never force your sandwich through embossing machine

Two in pack

Texture Plates

Creaticca Studio designed these texture plates to fit in most embossing machines.  They can be both hand or machine embossed.  Machine embossing are done using our rubber and spacer sets.  Use our embossing tools for the hand embossing method.

12.5 x 12.5cm/10x 10cm



Teflon Tools

These tools are used for hand embossing on craft metal and pewter.

3 in Pack

Copper and Brass

These metal are used for edging, etching, cladding and decorations.  They can not be embossed.  Patinas works well on these metals,

1m x 150mm