About Us

monicaThe idea of starting a business originated from my fascination with working with metal mediums,  colour and texture, this combined with my passion for experimenting with various art-mediums culminated in the establishment of Creaticca Studio.

The craft of metal embossing has been around for thousands of years.  Creaticca Studio aims to break the boundaries of traditional embossing work with a new  colourful and fresh approach that will inspire young and old to try new things. Creative metals, as a craft, is suitable for crafters of all ages and skill levels.  These metals are lead free and it´s easy to work with. The metals are very soft and pliable. They can be hand or machine embossed and using accessories such as the cuttlebug, spellbinder and die-cuts; you can give expression to your own unique creativity.

Creaticca Studios also supply a range of awesome 2D and 3D texture plates.  Our embossing rubber & spacer sets and metal-refining sanding blocks are carefully designed to add dimension and depth to any design.  We are also constantly developing new quality products to inspire crafters to experience different arts and craft mediums.

I hope you´ll find this site informative, inspirational and, above all fun!

Monica Fischer.