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Creaticca Studio is a stockist of craft metals, texture plates, embossing accessories and various arts and craft products.  We are based in South Africa and stock a wide variety of colored craft metals.  We also stock silver and natural metals like copper and brass.  Our metals can be hand or machine embossed, antiqued, cut and adhered to any surface.  Our metals are similar to pewter but much more affordable!  Our metals are lead free and very easy to use!

Our texture plates can fit through most embossing machines to make perfect images on our metal.  They can also be used using the traditional hand embossing method.

Craft metal is versatile and are used on various surfaces including mirrors, books, cards, furniture and more.  Just emboss, sand and adhere with our industrial strength double sided tape.

Our book Mad about Metal will teach you more about the wonderful uses of our craft metal, texture plates and embossing accessories.


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